After the thrill of competition, the cheering crowds, the surprising upset victories and the heartbreaking near misses, what do the athletes, coaches and parents look forward to? The post-season banquet! And the Reception House at Raymond Memorial is a perfect place to host yours. We offer a convenient, comfortable space…a diverse, comprehensive menu that you can customize for your gathering…and a friendly, experienced staff to help you with every specialized detail on your list.

Celebrate all the victories, relive all the exciting memories, and honor the players and the teams they represent. Give them an awards banquet they will remember long after the buzzer has sounded and the echoing cheers have faded. Let Schmidt’s Hospitality Concepts (a family name that has been recognized and revered in Central Ohio for more than 100 years) treat you and your team to an evening of fun, food and festivities. No matter how the season may have gone…the Reception House at Raymond Memorial is a winner!

For more information about our sports banquet services, contact Sarah Meade at or 614-276-6127